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Apocryphal Tales: with a selection of fables and would-be by Karel Capek PDF

By Karel Capek

ISBN-10: 0945774346

ISBN-13: 9780945774341

ISBN-10: 1936053098

ISBN-13: 9781936053098

ISBN-10: 1936053101

ISBN-13: 9781936053101

The tales during this assortment take on nice occasions and figures of historical past, fable, and literature in unforeseen methods, wondering perspectives on such easy strategies as justice, growth, knowledge, trust, and patriotism.

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Corda. ” “Forget it,” said Bullio. “Corda was at Massilia. It was Longus, that’s all there is to it. ” Strobus shouted. “That’s not how it was! It wasn’t raining at Alesia, it was hot, really hot. ” “It was mutton,” Bullio yelled, “and it was raining! ’ And he was right. We fought for twenty hours in the rain — ” “That’s not how it was,” said Macer. ” “You’ve got it all backwards,” Strobus declared. “That battle went on for three days, give or take a few breaks. But on the second day we lost — ” “That’s not true,” Hilla protested.

You’re really wrong there,” hooted Thersites. “Even a child knows the Trojans are cowards, sissies, and gutless riffraff. We 29 ought to let them know once and for all, at the top of our lungs, just who we are: Greeks! You’d see how they’d come crawling and begging for mercy! ” “War’s war,” Thersites proclaimed bravely. “A fine patriot you are, Hippodamos! You think we’ll win the war because every three months his Lordship Achilles stages a public scuffle with that clumsy fool Hector? Why, those two are in cahoots and collusion just for the fun of it; those duels of theirs are nothing but a big act so us yokels will think the two of them are battling it out for our sake!

All she had to do was bat those eyes of hers and you’d bend over backwards to please her. You wouldn’t have done that for me, Isachar! Just fix yourselves up a bed, folks, there’s tons of straw in the stable — As if we were the only ones in Bethlehem with a stable! Why didn’t Simon give them 62 a batch of straw? Because his wife wouldn’t stand for it, that’s why! Only I’m such a doormat, I never say a word—” Old Isachar turned over to face the wall. Maybe she’ll stop, he thought. ” Dinah stormed in righteous wrath.

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Apocryphal Tales: with a selection of fables and would-be tales by Karel Capek

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