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Classical oratory is a useful source for the research of old Greek lifestyles and tradition. The speeches provide facts on Greek ethical perspectives, social and financial stipulations, political and social ideology, and different points of Athenian tradition which were mostly overlooked: ladies and relations lifestyles, slavery, and faith, to call only a few.

This quantity comprises the works of the 2 earliest surviving orators, Antiphon and Andocides. Antiphon (ca. 480-411) used to be a number one Athenian highbrow and author of the occupation of logography ("speech writing"), whose detailed curiosity was once legislations and justice. His six surviving works all hindrance murder circumstances. Andocides (ca. 440-390) was once enthusiastic about spiritual scandals—the mutilation of the Herms (busts of Hermes) and the revelation of the Eleusinian Mysteries—on the eve of the fateful Athenian day trip to Sicily in 415. His speeches are a security opposed to fees when it comes to these events.

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How then can he have truly sworn an oath that he is "quite certain," when I wanted to carry out a completely fair interrogation, but he was unwilling to obtain certain knowledge about the matter? [9] I wanted to interrogate their slaves, for they knew that on a previous occasion this woman—the mother of these men—had contrived our father's death by poisoning, that he had caught her in the act, and that she had not denied it, except to claim she was giving the drug as a love potion, not to kill him.

FIRST TETRALOGY 21 hood, therefore, he formed this plan, and in all likelihood he killed the man to defend himself against this hostile action. [7] Desire for revenge made him unmindful of the danger, and fear of impending disaster fired him with greater eagerness to attempt the crime. 1 [8] Even if he should be caught, he thought it more honorable to gain his revenge and suffer the consequences than to be a coward and do nothing but let himself be destroyed by the impending prosecution. He was quite certain he would be convicted in that case; otherwise he would not have thought this trial offered him a better chance.

For my bad luck has reached the point that showing my decency and innocence will not be enough to save me from ruin. Unless I can also find the true killer and prove his guilt—something they in their quest for revenge are unable to do— then I will be judged guilty of murder and wrongly convicted. [3] They claim that my cleverness makes it hard to establish my guilt, but they also accuse me of foolishness when they argue that my actions show that I did the deed. s For if the deed itself showed that I was the killer,6 I was doomed, and even if I escaped detection, I was quite certain I would incur this suspicion.

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