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Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers: A Complete Translation by Kathleen Freeman PDF

By Kathleen Freeman

This e-book is a whole translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given within the 5th variation of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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Observe the sun, bright to see and hot everywhere, and all the immortal things (heavenly bodies) drenched with its heat and brilliant light; and (observe) the rain, dark and chill over everything; and from the Earth issue forth things based on the soil and solid. But in (the reign of) Wrath they are all different in form and separate, while in (the reign of) Love they come together and long for one another. For from these (Elements) come all things that were p. 55 and are and will be; and trees spring up, and men and women, and beasts and birds and water-nurtured fish, and even the long-lived gods who are highest in honour.

Direct your thoughts as if you may live for a long time or a short time. 24. (To stand) surety is the daughter of folly, loss (of money) is the daughter of surety. 25. If you have a pure mind, you will be pure in all your body. 26. If you seek something wise, reflect during the night. 27. All serious thoughts are better discovered during the night. 28. You ace not skilled at speaking: you are only incapable of keeping silent. 29. The hand washes the hand: give something and you may get something.

2. e. the organs of sense perception) which are scattered throughout their limbs, and many are the miseries that press in and blunt the thoughts. And having looked at (only) a small part of existence during their lives, doomed to perish swiftly like smoke they are carried aloft and wafted away, believing only that upon which as individuals they chance to hit as they wander in all directions; but every man preens himself on having found the Whole: so little are these 52 things to be seen by men or to be heard, or to be comprehended by the mind!

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Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers: A Complete Translation of the Fragments in Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker by Kathleen Freeman

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