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By G. E. R. Lloyd

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Geoffrey Lloyd's pioneering publication makes use of a examine of historical Greek and chinese language technological know-how and tradition to throw gentle on primary difficulties, either highbrow and ethical, that we nonetheless face this present day. the problems diversity from the controversy approximately realism and relativism in philosophy of technological know-how to doubts in regards to the common applicability of the discourse of human rights. Lloyd presents compelling proof that historical civilizations have a lot to provide modern debates in lots of fields of study.

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These were held on such occasions as the Olympic or other pan-Hellenic games, but crowds would gather whenever a teacher proposed a performance. We know too that the debates in question were sometimes adjudicated by the audience who decided who had won the argument, even when the subject matter was quite technical—as in medicine or cosmology. The emphasis in such a situation was on fluency and effect. With that in mind, there was a considerable development of interest in, and the teaching of, rhetoric—the art of persuasion.

Many a scientific reputation has had to be revised retrospectively to redress the imbalances of the reception by contemporaries. Moreover in the matter of endorsing or of criticizing the values of the society to which they belong, they carry an even greater responsibility than their ancient predecessors as science itself opens up undreamt of possibilities for manipulating change. Since the atomic bomb, especially, we have become all too painfully aware of the dangers of the argument that the scientists’ job is just to pursue fundamental research and that has nothing to do with how the results are used.

This example became one of the standard ways in which the notion of inconsistency was recognized and labelled. Again, if one speculates about the original claim, while taking ‘anything’ in a strict sense in both statements leads to inconsistency, the claim can easily be rephrased to preserve consistency at the price of abandoning that strict sense and allowing exceptions to the universal claim that it apparently makes. We may now pause to take stock of the implications of this analysis for the work of a comparative historian.

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