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Anthony Kenny's Ancient Philosophy (A New History of Western Philosophy - PDF

By Anthony Kenny

ISBN-10: 0198752725

ISBN-13: 9780198752721

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Sir Anthony Kenny right here tells the attention-grabbing tale of the beginning of philosophy and its extraordinary flourishing within the historic Mediterranean international. this is often the preliminary quantity of a four-book set during which Kenny will spread a magisterial new historical past of Western philosophy, the 1st significant single-author background of philosophy to seem in a long time. old Philosophy spans over one thousand years and brings to existence the nice minds of the previous, from Thales, Pythagoras, and Parmenides, to Socrates, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Augustine. The book's nice advantage is that it truly is written by way of one of many world's prime gurus at the topic. rather than an uncritical, trouble-free recitation of recognized facts--Plato and his cave of shadows, Aristotle's ethics, Augustine's urban of God--we see the main philosophers in the course of the eyes of a guy who has spent a life-time considering their paintings. therefore we don't easily get an summary of Aristotle, for instance, yet a penetrating and insightful critique of his notion. Kenny deals an illuminating account of a few of the faculties of inspiration, from the Pre-Socratics to the Epicureans. He examines the improvement of good judgment and cause, historical rules approximately physics ("how issues happen"), metaphysics and ethics, and the earliest considering the soul and god. Vividly written, yet critical and deep adequate to supply a real realizing of the good philosophers, Kenny's lucid and stimulating heritage turns into the definitive paintings for somebody drawn to the folks and concepts that formed the process Western proposal.

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But he was contemptuous of his attempt to reduce teleology to chance, and for many centuries biologists followed Aristotle rather than Empedocles. 14 Empedocles employed his quartet of elements in giving an account of sense-perception, based on the principle that like is known by like. 15 Sinners—divine or human—are punished when Strife casts their souls into diVerent kinds of creatures on land and sea. A cycle of reincarnation held out a hope of eventual deiWcation for privileged classes of men: seers, bards, doctors, and princes (KRS 409).

In its stable state air is invisible, but when it is moved and condensed it becomes Wrst wind and then cloud and then water, and Wnally water condensed becomes mud and stone. RareWed air became Wre, thus completing the gamut of the elements. In this way rarefaction and condensation can conjure everything out of the underlying air (KRS 140–1). In support of this claim Anaximenes appealed to experience, and indeed to experiment—an experiment that the reader can easily carry out for herself. Blow on your hand, Wrst with the lips pursed, and then from an open mouth: the Wrst time the air will feel cold, and the second time hot.

The Sophists In the lifetime of Democritus, a younger compatriot from Abdera, Protagoras, was the doyen of a new class of philosopher: the sophists. Sophists 17 See Ch. 4 below. 28 PYTHAGORAS TO PLATO were itinerant teachers who went from city to city oVering expert instruction in various subjects. Since they charged fees for imparting their skills, they might be called the Wrst professional philosophers if it were not for the fact that they oVered instruction and services over a much wider area than philosophy even in the broadest sense.

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