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By Miriam Lichtheim, Joseph G. Manning

ISBN-10: 0520040201

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Chronologically prepared translations of historical Egyptian writings shed gentle upon the advance of various literary types. Bibliogs.

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H. Priese , lAS, 98 ( 19 72), 99 - 124 . J . Loga n a nd J . G. We ste nhol z,JA R CE , 9 ( 197 1/72), 111- 119. o f th e king's nam e : J. Lecla nt, OLl , 6 1 (1966), 152 . I C ,~. Parke r , l AS: 93 (1966), 111- 114. J an ssen ,JEA, 54 (1968), 1 7~. K. H . Pr iese, M IO , 14 (1968), 166 -1 75 . J. von Beckerath , "' /)/K , 24 (1969), 58 - 62 . G . V ittmann, Orientalia n. s. 43 (1974) I :! -I fi . " St ndies o f th e hi storical situatio n : J. )() I), 121 -1 81. K. Priese , l AS , 98 (l 9 72), 16 - 32.

In th e upper half the de ceased , shown as a young girl , is worshiping Osiris and Isis . T he re are two tex t colu mns on the right behind the girl and two tex t co lumns on th e le ft behind th e gods. The two tex t colu mns o n the le ft co m p ri se th e beginni ng of th e main text which co ntinues below th e scene in six horizonta l lines. In Boeser's publication th e stela is included among the Saite monume nt s, while Er ma n belie ved it to be o f Ptolema ic d at e. In Munro's recent study of Lat e Period stelae , where th e stelae a re arranged by probabl e prove nience and date based o n a rcheological crite ria, th e stela is classified as ha ving co me from th e wor ksho ps of Abydos a nd as belon ging to th e ea rly Saite period (ca.

Loo k, Memphis is filled with tro o ps of all the best of Lo we r Egypt, W ~ I h ba rley, emmer, and all kin ds of grain , the g ranaries overflowing; wit h weapons [of war] ~f all kinds.

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