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By Robert W. July

ISBN-10: 0822307170

ISBN-13: 9780822307174

Through the paintings of prime African writers, artists, musicians and educators—from Nobel prizewinner Wole Soyinka to names hardly ever identified outdoor their local lands—An African Voice describes the contributions of the arts to the fulfillment of independence for the peoples of black Africa following the second one global struggle. whereas focusing on cultural independence, those top humanists additionally reveal the intimate connection among cultural freedom and actual political financial liberty.

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No longer would the assets of the nation accrue to others, to outsiders, to colonial masters. Africans, particularly those educated in the West, had long expressed their grievances over discrimination by colonial governments in such matters as job placement and career advancement, scholarship appointments and educational accessibility, or the opportunity to build businesses based on the resources of the country. Independence would put an end to such discrimination. The pent-up desire for material advancement was reflected at once in the policies of new governments, which moved not only to modernize their economies and raise living standards but to do so with all possible haste.

He and the others were typical Americans. Davis was always talking about the importance of American foreign aid. They all sounded like Americans, not like blacks. Later, at the time of the civil rights movement, I thought of Davis and his insistence of racial integration through persuasion, through assent, through legal means. " Presence Africaine and the Expression of Cultural Freedom 39 The views of Richard Wright were somewhat different, Diop went on. Wright was of a more philosophic turn of mind.

These were the words that were in all hearts, now given eloquent expression by one of their own. The hall was silent in concentration, Baldwin recalled, as all were caught up by the speaker's words. European colonialism masquerades as many things, Cesaire went on, his phrases taking on a new intensity. Colonialism called itself the mark of a higher civilization-a superiority in philosophy, in language, in technology, in social organization-and it would impose this upon others in the world considered less fortunate, Cesaire informed his listeners.

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