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By Loretta E. Bass (auth.)

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Essentially the most critical threats to peace, safeguard and the sovereignty of countries within the post-Cold warfare period is inhabitants migration. a very risky kind of this danger is the worldwide refugee challenge and nowhere is that this factor extra serious than in Africa. This ebook deals a entire research of refugee event within the Horn of Africa.

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Muslim, non-European in origin). The French Parliament passed a law in 2010 which eliminates women’s right to publically wear a niqāb, the face-covering veil of more conservative Muslim women, and thus highlights the political and social urgency to understand the integration of Muslim immigrants into French society (Allen 2010). Those of Sub-Saharan African descent in France largely originate from former West and Central African countries with substantial and even predominant Muslim populations.

The CFA franc is still used today by eight countries in the West African CFA franc zone and six countries in the Central African CFA franc zone. Even after France joined the euro monetary zone in 1999, the French Treasury has guaranteed the free convertibility of the CFA at a fixed parity to the euro. Economically, France has remained involved in the financial management and as a preferred trade partner with most of its former colonies. At the same time, these post-colonial institutional links and international migration to France are reinforced through globalization.

Williams (2010) underscores the import of including women’s perspectives to understand migration processes in her research on cross-border marriage migration around the world. And seemingly as a direct answer to this call in the literature, Browner and Sargent (2011) published an edited collection entitled Reproduction, Globalization, and the State, which included three chapters (Bledsoe and Sow 2011a; Sargent 2011; Fassin 2011) focused on the intersection of international migrant families and state policy.

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