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By Jarita Holbrook, R. Thebe Medupe, Johnson O. Urama

ISBN-10: 1402066384

ISBN-13: 9781402066382

This can be the 1st scholarly selection of articles serious about the cultural astronomy of the African continent. It weaves jointly astronomy, anthropology, and Africa and it contains African myths and legends concerning the sky, alignments to celestial our bodies chanced on at archaeological websites and at areas of worship, rock paintings with celestial imagery, and clinical considering published in neighborhood astronomy traditions together with ethnomathematics and the production of calendars.

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The cards are shuffled or randomized for the respondents to make their sorting into piles so that similar items are on a pile together. They may be asked to make a specific number or as much as they want. Allow the informants to finish their sorting before asking questions to avoid bias. Descriptive answers could be used in interpreting final results. Weller and Romney (1990: 22–23) gave example of how simple pile sort could be represented graphically. Assuming we collected data on similarity of seven items and respondents put items A, B, C together in 1 pile; D and E in a pile and left F and G by themselves – we can create a table to tabulate similarity among the items.

Historical Orientation The dearth of knowledge by people about Africa’s past made them develop all sorts of misconceptions and wrong judgments about Africa. The vanguards of such misjudgments and misconception were the Europeans who were discouraged by their exploration of the continent by such obstacles as relief, climate, vegetation and soils. In consequence, Europeans knew little of the people and resources of Africa, and so, for many years, their main objective was to find a way around, not to try to move into the land-mass that stretched across the equator and divided the Atlantic from the Geographical Background of Africa 35 Indian Ocean.

At times, the researcher may be deceived by the cultural members into having false interpretations of some cultural actions. Observations There is observation which you may not be a participant. You may not participate directly in the people’s cultural activities, rather, you can be an observer. And like participant observation knowledge of people’s culture is also important such as the mode of communication in the systems, language, the signs and symbols. The more you know this, the better it is for you to depict the culture configuration within the society.

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