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By Donald Russell, John Dillon, Sebastian Gertz

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50 years ahead of Philoponus, Christians from Gaza, looking to effect Alexandrian Christians, defended the Christian trust in resurrection and the finite period of the area, and attacked rival Neoplatonist perspectives. Aeneas addresses an strange model of the foodstuff chain argument opposed to resurrection, that bodies gets eaten through different creatures. Zacharias assaults the Platonist examples of synchronous production, which have been the construction of sunshine, of shadow, and of a footprint within the sand. a fraction survives of a 3rd Gazan contribution by way of Procopius. Zacharias lampoons the Neoplatonist professor in Alexandria, Ammonius, and claims a number one function within the revolt which ended in the cleverest Neoplatonist, Damascius, fleeing to Athens. It used to be in basic terms Philoponus, notwithstanding, who was once capable of embarrass the Neoplatonists via arguing opposed to them on their lonesome terms.

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1-4. If Aeneas, then, has a thorough knowledge of Plotinus, he is also eager to demonstrate his understanding of the Platonic tradition. He can refer to the views of earlier Platonists such as Harpocration and Numenius on the soul’s reincarnation (12,6-11), and also knows Atticus’ views on the creation of the universe (46,16-21). Porphyry’s interest in oracles, as displayed in his work On the Philosophy from Oracles, is mentioned at 45,5-7, while his preoccupation with demons features briefly at 34,8, as little more than an aside.

This page intentionally left blank Aeneas of Gaza Theophrastus This page intentionally left blank Introduction 1. Aeneas’ life and times About the life of Aeneas himself we are sadly ill-informed, despite knowing quite a lot about the environment in which he moved. Gaza in his day, a busy and prosperous entrepôt port, having been forcibly Christianised earlier in the century through the vigorous efforts of the redoubtable Bishop Porphyrius, had become the location of a lively Christian rhetorical and philosophical school, of which Aeneas came to be a leading light.

But they, being ashamed that he should appear inconsistent, by way of defence, expose him to a different criticism; for either the philosopher is an unclear teacher or he is obscuring his meaning out of begrudgery. Plato, however, suffers from neither of these two defects, but those who deal sophistically with his positions have failed to appreciate that he has introduced the philosophy of the Chaldeans and the Egyptians to the Greeks32 and has revealed the teachings of Pythagoras and Heraclitus and Empedocles.

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