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By Joanna Meacock Alison Chapman

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15 CGR composes ‘A Counsel’ (Crump 3:414). 17 CGR begins copying her own poems into her notebook (MFR had previously undertaken the task) (Bell 146). 20 CGR composes ‘The World’s Harmonies’ and ‘Lines / Given With a Penwiper’ (Crump 3:414–15). 25 DGR introduces himself to WBS, writing to express enthusiasm for ‘Rosabell’, ‘A Dream of Love’ and Year of the World (1846) (Fredeman 1:47–8). A few days later DGR sends WBS his Songs of the Art Catholic containing ‘Blessed Damozel’, ‘Mater Pulchrae Delectionis’ and ‘My Sister’s Sleep’.

DGR visits WHH’s studio and WHH explains his principle of drawing directly from nature (WHH 1:105–7). DGR meets the 36 A Rossetti Family Chronology Chartist poet Ebenezer Jones, author of Studies of Sensation and Event (1843). The book is championed by DGR despite hostile reviews (Fredeman 4:362–3). The works of John Rogers Herbert are greatly admired by DGR, particularly Christ and his Parents at Nazareth (ADC 18:14). DGR frequents Sadler’s Wells Theatre (1848–50) (WDGR 668). Literary composition includes ‘Old and New Art (Not as These and The Husbandmen)’, ‘The Choice’, ‘For Our Lady of the Rocks, by Leonardo da Vinci’, ‘At the Sun-Rise in 1848’, ‘The Lady’s Lament’, ‘The English Revolution of 1848’, and ‘’Twas thus’.

27 CGR composes ‘Song (“I saw her; she was lovely”)’ (Crump 3:410). WMR draws his self-portrait in pencil, probably his first and only self-portrait (Thirlwell 107). October 14 (Wed) CGR composes ‘Gone For Ever’ and ‘Sir Eustace Grey’ (Crump 1:291, 3:398). ’ Lady Charles has been lending her books and playing duets with her. She mentions that FMLR will send ABH a copy of her little book (presumably Rivulets) (RHC 4:1). 5 CGR composes ‘Present and Future’ (Crump 3:398). 16 CGR composes ‘Lamentation & Consolation’, later retitled ‘The Time of Waiting’ (Crump 3:399).

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