A Reader on Classical Islam by F. E. Peters PDF

By F. E. Peters

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Peters during this booklet provides an outline of Islam in keeping with Islamic resources. He describes the faith, ideals and ideas. He presents quotations from Islamic thinkers. occasionally he comprises his perspectives. He doesn't separate if the assets are trustworthy or not.Areas coated, beginning of Prophet(SA), enlargement of Islam, Islamic sciences, islamic thinkers, Islamic Theology, Hadith technology, Sufism.There are definitely a few statements which are disputed by way of others however it isn't really Newton's Physics in order that all get a similar effects. i wouldn't take the e-book as an absolute resource e-book yet quite as a refernce aspect to assist to make up ones brain and visit the referenced assets without delay. booklet has enormous references for comparability or see the quotations in content material. it isn't written from the purpose of a Sufi who has trust in Islam yet fairly as a Theology.

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So she did that, and Hagar took a piece of cloth to wipe the blood away. For that reason women have been circumcised and have taken pieces of cloth (as sanitary napkins) down to today. ” God told Abraham to go to Mecca, where there was no House [that is, the Ka‹ba] at that time. He took Hagar and her son to Mecca and put them there. . According to . . Mujahid and other scholars: When God pointed out to Abraham the place of the House and told him how to build the sanctuary, he set out to do the job and Gabriel went with him.

It was the jinn, for example, who assisted Solomon in building the Temple in Jerusalem, as these verses of the Quran appear to reflect. We (subjugated) the wind to Solomon. Its morning journey took one month, and its evening one month. We made a spring of molten brass to flow for him; and many jinns labored for him by the will of his Lord. Any one of them who turned from Our command was made to taste the torment of blazing fire. ” But few among My creatures are thankful. (Quran 34: 12–13) With this provocative Quranic portrait before them, the later Muslim commentators supplied a great many additional details, like these on the seal and ring of Solomon.

A Muslim Account of Pentecost As with the case of the later history of the Jews, the Quran displays no interest in the Jesus movement or generally what happened to the Christians after the disappearance of Jesus. But just as happened with the Jews, there were converts to Islam to instruct the Muslims, as here, for example, on the subject of Pentecost. Wahb [an early convert to Islam] and others among the People of the Book say that when God raised Jesus, on whom be peace, to Himself, he remained in heaven seven days.

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