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By Michael J P Cullen

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This ebook counteracts the present style for theories of "chaos" and unpredictability by means of describing a conception that underpins the amazing accuracy of present deterministic climate forecasts, and it means that extra advancements are attainable. The publication does this by way of creating a specific hyperlink among an exhilarating new department of arithmetic referred to as "optimal transportation" and present classical theories of the large-scale surroundings and ocean flow. it truly is then attainable to unravel a suite of easy equations proposed decades in the past by means of Hoskins that are asymptotically legitimate on huge scales, and use them to derive quantitative predictions approximately many large-scale atmospheric and oceanic phenomena. a specific function is that the easy equations used have hugely predictable strategies, hence suggesting that the boundaries of deterministic predictability of the elements would possibly not but were reached. it's also attainable to make rigorous statements in regards to the large-scale behaviour of the ambience and ocean by way of proving effects utilizing those basic equations and utilizing them to the true procedure bearing in mind the error within the approximation. there are many different titles during this box yet they don't deal with this large-scale regime.

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69) This is an constant coefficient elliptic equation for h. It can be solved using the boundary condition that h is constant along the boundary. 63). This is sufficient for the equations to be advanced in time. However, the boundary condition on h is unphysical. If normal derivative (Neumann) boundary conditions on h are used instead, these imply that the geostrophic wind parallel to the boundary is prescribed. This is also unphysical. As a result, the equations are often solved with periodic boundary conditions.

D dt Vf •t hQ-'g-Vh Q 9 - = -V • hQ-tfg I $ I. 78) The governing equations 39 This equation is elliptic if Q is positive definite. It has flow-dependent coefficients, as always occurs for approximations valid for L > LR. 77) multiplied by Q _ 1 yields the boundary condition Q_lv dh\ UJ- n=Q 1 dh ' ^J-n (2 79) - to ^ j . 78). 80) in the sense that BO.. 9Qsg + u - V Q s p = 0. 81) It is easy to see that Qsg = detQ. 78) to be solvable. 5. 81) and the proof of solvability is more difficult. 3. Assuming this can be made rigorous, the semi-geostrophic system will define a slow manifold.

23) will typically change sign across the equator. 23) the vorticity is approximated, but the depth dependence is not. Since, on scales greater than LR, variations in potential vorticity reflect variations in h rather than in 40 Large-scale atmosphere flow Fig. 3 Potential vorticities using depth field from Fig. 2 but with gho = 5 0 0 0 m s ~ 2 s - 2 . Top: Potential vorticity, units ( m s ) _ 1 , contour interval 0 . 8 x l 0 - 7 . 0. From [Cullen (2002)]. K. £ it is appropriate that the depth dependence is not approximated in the definition of Qsg.

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