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By Giles Ji Ungpakorn

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Harper Perennial. P. 37 31 See Paul Foot (2005) The Vote. How it was won and how it was undermined. Penguin/Viking. ) in the early 1980s. , with its Stalinist-Maoist politics, was the dominant influence on the Peoples Movement. Like their sisters and brothers around the world, Thai activists reacted to the collapse of Communist Party both in terms of its failure and its authoritarian nature. T. meant that there was a dominance of Autonomism, Post-Modernism and Third Way Reformism among the Thai Peoples Movement32.

While the monopoly over trade, enjoyed by the Sakdina rulers of Bangkok, was abolished, vast opportunities were created for the capitalist production and trade of rice, sugar, tin, rubber and teak. An opportunity also arose to centralise the state under a powerful ruler. Thailand’s Capitalist Revolution was not carried out by the bourgeoisie in the same style as the 16 For a detailed and well researched account of the struggle to reorganize the state see Kullada Kesboonchoo Mead (2004) The rise and decline of Thai absolutism.

23. 62 A Coup For the Rich Thailand’s political Crisis towards an Absolute Monarchy. This stage proved to be an unstable one22, leading to the 1932 revolution and the establishment of a Constitutional Monarchy, which has now lasted longer than the Absolute Monarchy. 23 Yet the actual mass base of this party was limited to sections of the civilian and military bureaucracy. In such circumstances, the problems faced by the Peoples Party in maintaining power were not the same as the problems faced by the revolutionary capitalist class in England and France.

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