A Coming of Age - Albania under Enver Hoxha by James S. O'Donnell PDF

By James S. O'Donnell

ISBN-10: 0880334150

ISBN-13: 9780880334150

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In learning Enver Hoxha's forty-year reign (1945-85), this booklet indicates that, whereas it is crucial to provide Hoxha a combined file card, he still enabled a small state with a large number of obstacles to keep up its sovereignty and modernize via unorthodox methods.

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The issue which made the alliance as a whole a negative alliance was the crucial issue of maintaining sovereignty. There is no question that Tito had every intention of annexing Albania and making it the Seventh Republic of Yugoslavia. The authorization given to Tito by Stalin in this area confirms and strengthens this belief. It was the Albania-Yugoslav alliance which made this annexation of Albania with Yugoslavia and the subsequent accompanying loss of sovereignty and independence, that much closer to a reality.

The Soviet Union retaliated to Albania's boldness by threatening on February 20, 1961, that Albanian criticisms would lead to dire consequences if not retracted. A few days later, Khrushchev and Czechoslovak President Antonin Novotny (Czechoslovakia was Albania and the Soviet Union 53 Albania's greatest source of aid after the Soviet Union) threatened to cut off economic aid ($132 million which had been promised for Albania's Third Five-Year Plan) unless Albania changed their stand. Enver Hoxha gave a clear example of the problems encountered in inter-Party relations when he related the story of an economic delegation's experiences in Moscow: This delegation was kept hanging about in Moscow for whole months.

Criticized the conditions in the party, the negative attitude toward the masses, the absence of party and socialist democracy, the economic policy of the leadership, etc. They also asked for explanations to be given about the numerous executions carried out since 1949, they called for a rehabilitation of old Communists forcibly removed from responsible posts. Several delegates requested that the topics of discussion should be the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the cult of the personality, the case of Ko├ži Xoxe, relations with Yugoslavia, party democracy, and the standard of living.

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