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By Maré Odomo

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"a phone-friendly PDF, accumulating 2 hundred pages of comics and drawings from 2010-2012, to elevate cash for my website hosting. . . includes comics approximately games, ladies, and junk nutrients and noodles. And nature and going domestic and adorable sons and daughters~ . . Drawn in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, l. a., manhattan, and the Baltimore/DC region. most likely another locations too. . . two hundred pages for $10 = five cents in line with web page. That's now not undesirable, correct? . . hugely suggest that you just learn this in your cellphone, on a bus, on a chilly day, with espresso on your different hand. Or in mattress, less than the covers, in the event you can't fall sleep. 3rd choice: the lavatory, whereas you're doin' stuff."

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There are weapons, shields, suits of armor, and healing items, and the (ost of living rarely goes down. You are going to need some tricks to make that lenny o((ount go intothe sky, and this is the plece to start learning how. Rrst off, aton of lennyare wasted when you are starting off in the game and don't know whatis worthpicking up. Be(ouse your inventory slots are painfully limited, there are often decisionsfa be mode in the middle of the dungeon. What about this sword? ' These things will come up, but there are a few simple rules that will help you to make fair decisionsabout what is valuable.

The northwest and northeast paths both lead bock tothe L1ft EndSector floor, which you aren't required to visit. But you might as well do 'emanyway: The northeast path leadsto on easy Yellow Box (guorded on~ by a single Baby Rustphage), and the northwest path leads to a Treasure Chest with a new Skill for Nino. TO THE DANGER ROOM From the Uft LowSector 1 area, toke the passage inthe northwest down to Uft EndSector. Asmall army of Rustphoge are lurking around the train, so toke the initiative and kill them quickly.

If you're characters aren't quite powerful enough for this fight, stack up an Bombs and Dynamite. When the Bouncers get stucktogether, use Dynamite to softenthe group. After doing so, throw in a couple of Bombs (these can be saved for the first round of banle and used manually). -.... ~ ~:.. ~~ ~ r: The elevator atthe end of the Bouncers' hallway leads to a new section of ... --- ~ to . CarpLab 1F. The large roam here is full of Rubyand Plasma Gao, enemies that • 'tcan quickly overwhelm a party with ...

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